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what is jsrvany?
jsrvany is a java package (plus a native JNI invoker) which uses the java event model to implement the win32 Service Control interface in java. This allows any java application to be run as a service on Windows NT 4 and for the application to respond to all the events triggered by the win32 Service Control Panel - start, stop, pause, continue, terminate and interrogate.

It is intended to be a general purpose tool and applications wishing to use it will either have to implement, or use a wrapper class that implements, the ServiceControlListener interface that is specified in the package. Events thrown, such as StopServiceControlEvent, allow the java application to respond appropriately, for example shutting down services and returning resources correctly. The download package includes example implementations of this interface, as well as a do-nothing implementer that can be inherited from for convenience.

The name comes from the fact that it is intended to be a java-specific extension to the srvany utility that comes with the NT4 resource kit.

Here is a screenshot.